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When you want a collection and delivery on the same day, you know that urgent is not just a word – it means that is what you have to have, no questions, no quibbles and no delays.  Courier Link understands this and has successfully structured its entire, UK-wide operation around making delivery miracles happen; regardless of where you are, where collection has to be made and wherever the delivery has to be made.  What’s more, you can be absolutely, completely certain that anyone on the Courier Link fleet of vehicles will have that promise in mind when they take to the road on your behalf.

Everyone on the Courier Link team is there because they ‘get it’ when it comes to the Same Day Promise. Every delivery person on the Courier Link team is determined to get your parcel to its final destination without any delay and will carefully plan to avoid anything which could cause the smallest delay. The approach taken is little short of awesome; there are no little side trips, no popping into the shops on the way, no stopping off for a bit of a snooze or a long lunch. Everything you entrust to Courier Link will be handled with care and delivered ‘pronto’ by the courteous and committed driver who arrives at your door.

With Courier Link you can rely on your delivery driver to collect your parcel – whatever size it may be – and immediately get on the road toward the destination, and as fast and directly as the law, traffic and the weather permits. What’s more, state-of-the-art tracking technology means you can take a virtual journey alongside your Same Day delivery package, using the real-time, constant monitoring from Courier Link’s operations nerve-centre. You will know exactly where your delivery item is throughout its transportation - it’s as if you are taking it yourself but without the hassle of doing the driving. 

As soon as the delivery is made you will receive immediate notice of the successfully arrival at the address you have given and confirmation of the handover of the package. If you want to receive this news by phone, email or SMS, that’s no problem at all – just choose which would suit you best and Courier Link will confirm ‘mission accomplished’.

From initial pick-up to final, safe delivery, you will be able to relax and rely on Courier Link to, literally, deliver the goods.  The company regards reliability, dependability and deliver deadlines as the three most important elements of the services they provide to you.  There is only one thing Courier Link does not have – complacency; unlike some couriers who promise to match but cannot deliver the same amazing accessibility of the delivery services you want, when you want them.

Within just 60 minutes of making a call to Courier Link, on any day of the year and at any time day or night, a driver will be knocking on your door. Collections can be made from your home, your place of business or at any meeting place which makes life easier for you to more easily place a parcel into their care.  When you make that call, a helpful dispatcher will ask questions about your parcel, such as how big it is, if it needs to be on a palette or is just an envelope. Whether the item is extremely fragile or whether it is particularly heavy. Whether it is perishable or needs to be kept fresh. By going through this you can be sure exactly the right vehicle will be sent to you. Courier Link has a nationwide fleet of 2000 vans and trucks of every type and size, and no size or weight restriction for you to worry about. If something particularly unusual or special has to be transported, that too can be accommodated. Courier Link solves delivery problems for you, regarding any special requirement as a challenge to be met without fuss or delay.

Prices for this outstanding, personal service will be as pleasant to hear about as receiving the ‘safely delivered’ message from a Same Day Service, Courier Link driver.  If you would like to find out more about the services available to you, either for an immediate delivery, to help you make delivery plans or to get a quotation, all you need to do is to make a free call to 0845 8500484, at anytime of the day.  Or see for yourself what makes Courier Link the perfect parcel partner by going to

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