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Why choose a courier?

So, why should you choose Courier Link?

With the Daily Mail reporting that over a quarter of a million letters and parcels are lost each week and  up to 600,000 parcels stolen from doorsteps last year alone, it has never been a better time to look for a more dedicated, more secure service for sending important, sentimental or expensive parcels or documentation than now.


So, why should you choose Courier Link?


1.     We are RELIABLE - Courier Link not only guarantees same day delivery anywhere in mainland UK and parts of Europe, they can also ensure that your parcel will not be lost in the above statistics as we use one driver and one vehicle for each consignment.


2.     We are FAST - With same day delivery and dedicated vehicles, our speedy service could make the difference between landing a deal and getting a signature on a contract, and losing out to another company.   Any kind of delay with a new client is never a good thing, so make sure that all documentation is sent safely and quickly, and you can start projects faster


3.     You have PEACE OF MIND- We operate a Proof of Delivery system, where you choose between a phone call, an email or a text message to be sent to you by the driver once the parcel or letter has been received safely by your recipient.



4.     You can use us for LAST MINUTE jobs – We pick up within 60 minutes of booking, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so even if you get home from work and realise that you didn’t put important documents in the last post, or you need to send a present to arrive the next morning, Courier Link are there to make sure it gets done.


5.     All our drivers are INSURED, BACKGROUND CHECKED AND PERFORMANCE REVIEWED- We trust our drivers, and so should you.  All are checked to make sure that your parcel, no matter how valuable or sentimental, is looked after like it is their own and that nothing goes ‘missing’ on the way.


6.     We have DRIVERS AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE - On hand and ready for your call, so what are you waiting for?  Callus today on 0845 8500 484 and get the great same day delivery service you need

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